Seaside towns


Accessible by car or bus.

Long a dozen kilometers and a depth in some places also reaches 300 meters, the Sottomarina beach is characterized and appreciated throughout the Coast for the quality of its fine and a regular moderate and constant ventilation sand make this beach particularly recommended for eliopsammoterapiche care and a beautiful tan. Its wide and welcoming shoreline is undoubtedly ideal for long walks and to entertain the kids and relax the most grandi.Chioggia, historic and fascinating city of the Venetian lagoon, it features an original structure: sliced by channels and stitched by bridges . Its streets, all perpendicular to the square, in classic herring bone fashion. From this particular shape it derives the nickname “Little Venice”.

Other popular seaside resorts are within easy reach of Isola Verde and Rosolina Mare, the starting point to visit the Delta of Po.

Some glimpses of the city


Historic city with strong vocation for fishing, built on water as the nearby Venice, from the mythological origins and the picturesque population. From here you can take tours in the lagoon of Venice and enjoy the scents and the delicacies of this unique area.

Some glimpses of the city

Rosolina mare and Delta of Po

An area of equilibrium between land, water and man, protected by a regional park involving Veneto and Emilia-Romagna regions, a unique environment with agricultural and fishing traditions, fauna and flora characteristic. Also large sandy beaches for fun and holidays.

Some glimpses of the city